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شاهد كيف حرروا يد رجل من بين فكي تمساح مفترس

هذا الرجل وضع يده بين فكي تمساح فما كان من التمساح الا ان عضه شاهد الصور والفيديو وكيف حروا يده من بيدي فكي التمساح

A FEROCIOUS eight foot alligator clamps its powerful jaws down on the hand of an experienced handler. This dramatic footage shows gator wrestler Jason McDonald fighting to free himself after a risky trick - which involved putting his hand in the animal's mouth - went horribly wrong. TV bring you a new short film every weekday featuring animals, amazing real life stories and inspirational lives!---#Alligator #Bite #Attack
Posted by Barcroft TV on Friday, March 20, 2015
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