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لن تصدق قطة تتحول الى اسد

قام مختص محترف بقص فراء القطط بجعل هذه القطة تبدو وكأنها اسد صور وفيديو مثير ورائع

Domestic cat becomes King of The Jungle with a lion makeover
A professional cat groomer transforms a furry feline with a clip designed to look like a lion. With his ruff of fur, fluffy tipped tail and hairy legs contrasting with a closely clipped body – this lucky cat looks like the king of the beasts.---Barcroft TV bring you a new short film every weekday featuring animals, amazing real life stories and inspirational lives! #Cute #Grooming
Posted by Barcroft TV on Monday, February 23, 2015
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